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Please feel free to use as you consider which artist you might want to cover in your Long Essay assignment. This is by no means a comprehensive list. Other lists can be found and .

Chris Ofili, Holy Mother Virgin Mary (1996)

In preparation for your long essay assignment, write a 400-word detailed abstract in which you summarize the main argument and supporting points of your long essay. Strong long essay abstracts will include the following elements:

  1. A clear, succinct articulation of the main argument you intend to make concerning the relation…

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Write an essay (14–15 double-spaced pages) in which you make an argument for how one of the key themes in contemporary religious thought we have discussed in the course is reflected, interrogated, or challenged in a piece of black contemporary visual art. …

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In order to facilitate thoughtful and vibrant discussion each week, you (along with your classmates) will serve as a “discussion starter” twice over the course of the semester. If you have not had an opportunity to sign up to be discussion starter, please be in touch with me. As discussion…

Rashid Johnson,

Beginning next week (February 4), you will be expected to post a distillation and reaction post on Medium each Thursday by 9am (unless otherwise noted) in response to the course materials. You will find instructions for what should be included in your regular weekly posts below:

Weekly Distillation and Reaction…

still image from Julie Dash, Daughters of the Dust (1991)

This is a “working” schedule; there may be times when it is best to spend more time on certain material and/or when alternative material might be added. You will be notified when modifications are made.

Section 1: Introductions and Setting the Foundation

January 25

Syllabus Review and Discussion of Class…

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Instructions for Creating a Medium Account:

Before doing this assignment, you will have to sign up for Medium in order to contribute a post. Instructions for doing so are as follows:

  1. Go to and establish a free account using your preferred email address:

On the , click Sign-in…

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Six Crimee (1982)

Dear Students,

Welcome to the online home of RELG 332 Contemporary Thought: Black Aesthetics! I’m happy to have you in the course.

Our work together in this course will be guided by a few core questions: What can black contemporary art tell us about the nature and meaning of religion…


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